Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Invitations: Q & A

I know it must be wedding season, because my inbox is filling up with questions about invitations. I know the process can seem intimidating but fear not you beautiful brides. I’ve got you covered. Here is a brief guide for you:

Q: What are Save the Dates and should I send them out?
A: Save the Dates are exactly what they sound like. Couples send them out before invitations to let guests know the date of their wedding. Magnets are becoming very popular because guests can put them on their refrigerator as a reminder of your wedding. Normally, they are sent out six to nine months prior to your wedding. If you are planning your wedding in four months or less, Save the Dates are not necessary.

Q: What do I put on the Save the Dates?
A: This might be obvious, but make sure to put your name, your fiancĂ©’s name, and the date of your wedding. It’s okay of you haven’t picked a location yet because you don’t need it on there. The city where you plan to have the wedding is great to add for the out of town guests so that they can start looking for hotel rooms and flights. If you have already blocked off rooms at a particular hotel, this would also be helpful to add on the save the dates.
Q: When do I send out my invitations?
A: Invitations are typically sent two months before the wedding date. This gives time for the post office to get them out to everyone and gives the guests time to respond. Keep in mind that if you order your invitations from a store or online, it will take a few weeks to print and ship them to you, so be sure to leave enough time for that. Otherwise, you won’t get them out until a month before the wedding.

Q: What do I put with the invitation?
A: Most people include the RSVP card (should be stamped out of courtesy and to avoid any delays from the guests) and a map of ceremony & reception location , especially if they are in two different spots. The map is very important because directions can be confusing, especially if the guests are out-of-towners. If it is a plated meal and you are giving main course options, the caterer prefers to have a set count of who wants what. Getting this information is easily done by adding a dinner option on the RSVP card.

Q: When will the RSVP cards be returned?
A: You will start to get them back as early as one week after you send them out (from those excited guests). Make sure to keep track of the attendings and not attendings, especially if you have the dinner choice option. My grandmother wanted to assist in the wedding planning, so I let her do this. Most of the time, your caterer will ask your final head count two weeks before the wedding, so you will need to get the RSVPs back by then.
Just a note: you will probably have a few stragglers, so call them if they don’t send a response.

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  1. Excellent guide to Save the dates and Invitations, covers the basics. The save the dates would be really useful to block off your big event's date in the calendars of those you want to invite. Plus, it makes a great first and lasting impression and gives your invitees something to look forward to!