Friday, March 26, 2010

How To: Choose Your Bridal Party

When deciding what women you would like to stand beside you on your wedding day, it can be very difficult to make a “cut” among your friends. Some women find they struggle between mixing friends from high school, college, and their current environment, while others simply have so many good friends but cannot imagine having fifteen bridesmaids! Occasionally, either the bride or groom has more people they would like to include in their party, so the other is left either asking someone they are less close with or forcing their future spouse to leave out one of their dear friends. All of these situations, while tough for engaged couples to deliberate, are nothing compared to the issue of family members being included or excluded from their respective parties.

Although it has become slightly less common, many women are still expected to have their sister serve as their maid of honor. While for some this is a no-brainer decision, others may not be close with their sisters or have a friend they would rather give the honor to for whatever reason. Perhaps you have multiple sisters and can’t choose between them! Additionally, some grooms often ask their fianc├ęs to include their sister(s) in the bridal party. It can be very difficult for some brides when presented with these dilemmas because they do not want to create any unnecessary tension among family members before the big day. Before stressing out entirely, there are some remedies to all of these issues.

If you do not feel comfortable leaving someone out of your bridal party, remember that there are other positions men and women can serve in weddings! While this may not be entirely satisfying, usher and greeter positions can still make friends feel special and included. When dealing with family, don’t be afraid to put your foot down if they are trying to control your decisions. Since it is your wedding day, you should have exactly whom you want by your side! Remember: ask your friends and sisters early and in a way they’ll never forget so that they can reserve your date on their calendar! As Alfred Tennyson once said, “A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride,” so choose the women you know will make sure your wedding day is perfect

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