Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Case of Bridal Emergency...Be Prepared!

What you should bring to your own wedding

Your wedding day can be very stressful, especially if something goes wrong. Be prepared with these items for those just in case incidents. Better to be safe than sorry.

Everyone knows you love the new pair of heels you got to match the wedding dress of your dreams. Since it will be your first (maybe second if you did bridal portraits) time to wear those fabulous heels, they can give you blisters and make your feet hurt. You want to be able to have your first dance with your husband without wincing from pain. Now those would be some interesting pictures to show the kids.

You got up early (even though you probably couldn’t sleep from the nerves) to go to the salon to get that up-do you’ve been looking at for months. Mother nature and gravity can and will work against you after sitting in that chairs for 3 hours getting it to look just like the picture in the magazine. Bring these tools to tie up any loose ends that may come out during your wedding pictures from that lovely breeze (more like gusts).

This can be an emotional day for many women, especially since most have been dreaming about this day since they could walk down an aisle. The water works will turn on at some point in the night, whether it be when your dad gives you away, when your sister makes her maid of honor toast, or when you see your husband for the first time. You will save your make-up if you have the tissues handy. Use to keep them hidden until needed.

SEWING KIT (include safety pins)
You never know when a button will pop off the groom’s tuxedo or when the hem will come out of your maid of honor’s dress. A sewing kit is helpful to keep on hand before the ceremony and pictures for those just in cases. If you are bustling your wedding dress, it will probably get stepped on sometime during the night, causing one (or more) of the buttons to break. If you have a safety pin or two, you can clip the dress in place so that one side is not dragging the floor (causing more people to step all over your dress).

Nerves = sweating in areas where you didn’t know you could sweat. Baby powder will soak up the sweat and keep you from sweating between your legs. It can get hot with a petticoat of tulle and four layers of fabric from your wedding dress. Baby powder is also known to take out stains from white material, so if you (or one of the kids running around with grape juice) accidentally spills something on your dress, you’re covered.

You and your newly significant other will be talking to guests throughout your wedding night (after dinner and while you are drinking), so don’t be caught with foul breath. Have the hubby carry some Tic-Tacs in his tux pocket and pop a few when needed. You want your guests to remember how you looked in your beautiful dress, not the smell coming from your mouth after you just ate garlic chicken with onions.

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  1. Funny image I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll tell my friend to read this blog because he is going to merry next month.