Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gift Registries: A Lower Return Rate

In this day and age, online registries have become an essential part of many couples’ pre-nuptial plans. Gift registries have evolved from non-existent to a click away on a couple’s wedding website. While this has ensured that couples get more of what they need to begin their life together, and it has made it impossible to get the couple the dreaded “still –in-the-box 20 years later” gift, many couples struggle with where to register and what items are appropriate to request.

Previously, when we gave a soon-to-be-married pair a gift, we were giving them something we believed would aid them in their journey as husband. Whether this is practically speaking with a set of silverware or emotionally speaking with a book about communicating in relationships, we made the decision about the gift. However, since the creation of registries, and specifically online registries, we purchase what the couple believes will aid them in their start together.

I certainly don’t see anything wrong with this switch – who wouldn’t want to get exactly what they asked for as gifts – but it does bring up an interesting question about where to register. In my personal shopping experience, the best places to register offer a variety of items (try to stick to under 5 places to keep things simple). This allows you to select a mixture between lower priced items for those guests who may not know you as well as well as big-ticket items that family and close friends may choose to give you. Also, any department store or large retailer will likely have easy to use websites as well as suggestions for great items to put on your registry!

Last but not least, my favorite feature of gift registries: the “already has been purchased” tag found underneath items. This allows you to see what the couple is already receiving from other guests. What’s great about this is many couples will requests items that go together, so if one has already been purchased, you can doubly make their day by completing their set! Additionally, you ensure that you don’t’ double-purchase, meaning the fiancĂ©es must return one of the gifts.

Whether you are the one registering or the gift buyer, rest assured that online wedding registries are great for both parties. Remember to request more items than guests and of course, just because your guests may have spent less time than they used to picking out your gift, doesn’t mean you can skimp on the personal thank you note!


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  2. I totally agree with you. Creating an online Wedding registry allows you to register for anything you want with just a few clicks of your mouse. Some online registries enable you to sign up at numerous stores at one time. The stores don't have to be in your area, which gives you plenty of flexibility when selecting items like tableware sets and other household items.