Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bridal Portraits: When and How?

What exactly are bridal portraits and when are they done?

Bridal portraits are done in a one or two hour session with your photographer about a month before your wedding. Most of the time, the bridal portrait sessions are included in your photo package. You can choose to have your hair and makeup done since the picture is traditionally displayed at the wedding reception.

Why should I do them?

This is your only opportunity to have one-on-one time with your photographer with no rush. You don’t have other people around you so the photos normally come out more natural. The photographer can work with you on your best angle and backdrop for the bridal portrait.

How do I incorporate them in the wedding?

Traditionally, the bridal portrait is put near the sign-in book for guests to see. The groom should not see the bridal picture beforehand, as it is supposed to be a surprise for him at the reception.

What do I do with it after the wedding?

The big picture normally placed at the reception will be put in the couple’s new home, or given to the bride’s parents. Some of the other prints taken that day can be used in the photobook made from the wedding. It also makes a nice “desk picture” for your new husband

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