Friday, February 5, 2010

2010: The Year of the Bridesmaid Dress

27 Dresses highlighted the bridesmaid’s dress bad reputation – which was probably deserved. Traditionally, bridesmaids wore identical dresses chosen by the bride, regardless of size or shape. The process has evolved to the bride dictating color and designer, but allowing bridesmaids to choose specific dress styles. A new trend emerging in 2010 has taken this freedom even further, giving color as the only guideline and allowing bridesmaids even more flexibility in dress cuts and price range. Now the infamous wear-it-once-and-hide-it dress is eliminated, and your special girls can feel completely comfortable in your wedding party.

In the last few years, maids’ dresses have been breaking away from the traditional patterns, looking less like a fluffy monstrosity and more like something you may want to wear without having to do a complete alteration overhaul. One shoulder dresses, square necklines, and criss-cross fronts are a few of the trends emerging for 2010. Also, flowing Grecian-style bridesmaid dresses have heavily emerged in wedding designs.

A bridesmaid’s dress doesn’t necessarily have to be made specifically for a wedding, though. Shorter hemlines and sophisticated cocktail-style dresses can add make for a sleek look that can go from the bouquet toss to drinks the next week. Whether it’s their favorite boutique or a department store, your bridesmaids can pick something that lets their unique personalities shine. Department store sales are a good place to look for a bridesmaid on a budget, as long as they aren’t compromising quality for a cheap price tag.

It is good to set some guidelines for your girls, such as a specific length you may want or, for religious weddings, certain cuts that you may not want them to buy. This will also eliminate pairing a full length formal gown with a casual day dress. If everyone lives close enough, coordinating a shopping trip could be a fun way to bring together your wedding party and giving each other feedback.

Your bridesmaids are special, and you should remember to keep them in mind and show them you appreciate their participation. Always remember the importance of gifts for your bridal party, which can be personalized to suit each individual bridesmaid.

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  1. What you say here is so true! The mismatched bridesmaid dress trend is certainly growing. And instead of bland traditional dresses, choosing a one-shoulder or asymmetric hemline or ruffle details can really make a dress a wear-again. Probably the ultimate wear-again bridesmaid dress is the LBBD (little black bridesmaid dress), which is definitely picking up!