Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bring On The Bands, Wedding Bands That Is!

Often, two of the most thought-out items purchased by future spouses are their wedding bands. Interestingly enough though, men have not always worn weddings bands. In fact, it has been less than a hundred years since men began wearing rings to remind them of their wives at home while they were fighting wars abroad.

However, since this trend began, the exchange of wedding bands has become a central part of almost every ceremony. Invited guests and family members love to see the inscribed or matching bands both during and after the ceremony. Even the simplest bands on ring pillows garner admiration. Given this, it is quite important that you and your husband put some quality time into shopping for the right rings – and what woman doesn’t love ring shopping!

Here are some great things to remember when shopping for your bands:

1) Don’t go overboard! Most men want a simple gold or silver band of medium thickness. Remember that you will also be wearing your engagement ring, so you don’t want your band to overpower that stunning ring.
2) Don’t stress about engravings, especially if it takes you longer to find the rings. If you want the date or your initials set into the band, this can also be done after the ceremony.
3) Don’t forget to match whatever metal you choose with your engagement ring. The only exception is if your band is two-toned or if you choose to match titanium with silver.

If you keep these tips with you while searching for your wedding bands, I promise it won’t be as hard of a decision as napkin colors or what appetizer to serve at your reception. If you and your husband have any disagreements about style or material you of course can choose to go get the same ring in different metals or vice versa.

These rings are a symbol of your unity as a couple, so take both of your opinions into consideration and select a ring that represents your commitment to loving each other! Next week, join us for our second look at wedding bands: the entertainment at your reception!