Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Kind of Wedding Website

The Internet has revolutionized countless industries, but have you ever considered what it has done for weddings? Now a bride can make one stop at a website, and she instantly has access to almost all the supplies she could ever need for her wedding and reception. While these websites have made planning a wedding much easier and are revered by brides, a recent trend has brides more efficient than ever.

Some companies have begun offering a full-fledged site for couples to keep distant family and friends posted on their wedding plans. You may have heard of these or even been invited by an email from these sites to a wedding – I got my first in my inbox just last week! Sure there are arguments against this, but brides can really take advantage of the ease of these sites in order to better serve their needs.

What makes these sites so great and cool for you and your guests? First, you can instantly post stories about the proposal and a date and time for the ceremony. Then, you can add photos for friends and family who may not have seen your significant other yet! You can also find out information about where the couple is registered or what they are looking for instead of gifts. Lastly, there is my personal favorite: you can finally RSVP (and edit your response as well!) by simply clicking on a link.

I know some brides may be wary of how impersonalized these may seem, but I guarantee you they bring the opposite along with ease and enhanced organization. Brides will tell you how nice it is to have a way to communicate with all guests as opposed to calling or mailing them individually. The time saved with these sites can easily be used instead to spend time with your future spouse or tend to other activities!

Brides, no matter the scope of their wedding, should absolutely use the Internet to their advantage. We are so busy these days that anything to make us more efficient is definitely worth it. Whether you are looking for a site like Gracious Bridal to provide you with everything from votive candles to cupcake wrappers, or need a site to help you organize and show off your upcoming ceremony, take advantage of the Internet. The sites are there to help you, and I know if you give them a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

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