Friday, November 13, 2009

Guest List

Weddings make headlines in magazines, newspapers, and online blogs. Whether it’s two celebrities from their most recent blockbuster tying the knot or an esteemed member of society, we want to know about it. We are dying to find out every detail about the bride’s dress or who all was in attendance. Unconsciously, we are hoping that if we copy the color scheme or carry the same bouquet that our wedding will be just as newsworthy even though we know that the "perfect wedding" doesn't necessarily translate into the best marriage. Exhibit A:

My news is: your special ceremony can be just as remarkable as their weddings, despite not having a complete guest list of A-list celebrities (they aren’t really friends with those people anyways!). And the best part? Instead of being bothered during your months of planning and worrying about what will be said about every facet of your service and reception, you can focus on enjoying your engagement.

Rather than be extravagant with decor, plan a destination wedding, or hire a famous band as entertainment, concentrate your time on your invitations. While it is crucial to have an invitation that reflects your sense of style and tastes, it is more important that everyone on your guest list means something to you and your spouse. This is what will make your wedding more meaningful than any headline can provide.

Really take your time and consider whom you want to bear witness to your lifelong commitment. If you are limited because of funding or capacity, do your best to have your closest friends and family attend. This truly is an area you can’t afford to glaze over, unlike celebrities! While celebrities decided their invitees based on potential PR, you and your spouse have the opportunity to define the atmosphere and makeup of your wedding!

Remember when you are choosing your stationery and envelopes that it truly is the people, not the glitz and glamour, that will make your ceremony. No headline, magazine article, or blog mention will ever be worth giving up having true friends celebrate this moment. As close as the word celebrity is to celebrate, their weddings will never compare to the merriment the right guests will bring to yours!

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