Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Children Allowed

For whatever reason, some couples feel they do not want children at their wedding or reception aside from the flower girl and ring-bearer. Even if they allow these two positions to be filled by children, often they are not invited to the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner.

While I personally would never be the one to disinvite children, I certainly understand they are easy to eliminate when trimming the guest list! If, however, you do decide to have children at your wedding or reception, but don’t want your bridesmaids to pay more attention to their children than you, there are plenty of solutions.

First, The Rehearsals: For children that are in the wedding party and excited about their duties, include them for at least one trial and part of the rehearsal dinner. If they lose interest after awhile, provide them with a coloring book or set of board games to facilitate entertainment. While this will surely work for a short amount of time, the wedding ceremony and reception could be a different story.

Stage 2, The Ceremony: If a young child is in your ceremony, consider having them sit down or exit after they make their way down the aisle. If you are concerned about children fidgeting during the actual ceremony, this can be a more difficult issue. Most guests will be respectful and escort their children out if they become intolerable, but sometimes guests feel rude if they walk out of their friend’s ceremony. This will be the most difficult time in terms of handling children, but likely you will be so wrapped up in your ceremony that you don’t notice any background noise.

Finally, The Reception: The simple solution, if you don’t want children to be a part of the celebration after first dances, is to hire a babysitter. I personally have babysat at a reception, and it was a win-win situation for all parties involved. Be sure that your reception locale has an area that can be turned in to a nursery and offer your sitters generous compensation if you plan for it to be a late evening. You can either inform your guests of this opportunity and ask a small hourly payment or simply provide it to your guests at no cost.

Even if you plan for a children-free wedding, you will likely come across this issue at some point during your wedding preparation – we all have those friends who think the rules don’t apply to them and their precious children! Don’t stress about it, though, as you are sure to find a solution that works. If you have any other advice to fellow brides dealing with this situation, feel free to contribute suggestions or ways to handle these tough situations.

No matter how cute a kid is, you may not want him or her to attend your nuptials for fear that they will not respect the event the way your other guests will. Whether you choose this option or welcome children with open arms, I encourage all brides to plan some kind of entertainment for children. That way, no matter how many children attend your ceremony or reception, you will be able to focus on having your special day without any interruptions!

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