Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting the Party Started

When constructing the plans for an event or party, many of today’s professionals have a routine formula in mind. They consider the budget you present them, tell you the most effective way to spend your money, and then voila, your event happens. Maybe the floral arrangements you had looked outstanding, maybe the three-course meal was Top Chef equivalent, or maybe you’ve never seen a fuller crowd at your party. Despite all this, did you ever stop to wonder if your guests had any memorable fun, or if your clients are going to come back to another event and refer you to their friends?

Professional party planners are wonderful, but don’t believe they will take care of every detail! We’ve all been to a party where we wish the music made you want to dance instead of sit or where you wish someone at your table would start a conversation because it’s getting awkward after 30 minutes of silent chewing. That’s why it’s crucial at any event – be it wedding reception, corporate dinner, or baby shower – that you take other people into consideration, even if the event is in your honor.

You might be wondering how this will be possible to achieve without exceeding your budget or spending too much of your personal time on the event. It may seem like a big responsibility to create the conversation or lift the mood at a party, but there are a few easy tricks to livening every party without straying from your comfort zone!

To encourage conversation, try setting up tables with chairs near the bar with and finger foods as centerpieces. If you really want your guests to mingle, placing a lovely fondue pot in the center will definitely melt away any awkwardness in the room!

If you are trying to get your friends to dance at your reception, have the band or DJ play something you know you all will actually groove to! Not everyone knows how to waltz or tango, but he or she can surely get down to the right set of music.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot to move around a few tables and add some food to them or create a better event playlist, these things are often overlooked at events. To ensure that your party is remembered for its entertaining vibe and not as a lame nose-dive, try one of these can’t-go-wrong suggestions and watch as your bash becomes a success for you and your guests!

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