Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIY Floral Arrangements

Before you stop reading because you’ve categorized yourself as “knowing absolutely nothing about flowers and incapable of creating your own bouquet,” take a minute to review some behind-the-scenes tips on easy ways to look like an expert florist! Would I recommend creating your own bouquets for your own wedding? Probably not – but you never know when you may have to construct a bouquet out of a church garden when one begins to wilt prematurely and you can’t bear to tell the bride.

So here are a few tips for centerpieces or other floral arrangements at home, dinner parties, corporate events, or any time you want to save some money while also putting your personal touch on the party!

First and foremost: Work with only the flowers you are most comfortable with. If that means just daisies and roses, don’t be discouraged whatsoever. Floral arrangements aren’t always about how extravagant they are! A simple stem, accented by a floating candle, is easily achieved without paying for special services and looks just as lovely.

Second: Establish the vase or base you are going to use. As I mentioned last week, odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing when it comes to flowers, so you could try this set of three vases to achieve that eye-pleasing effect.

Bases, such as silver platters or trays, can also be beautiful if blooms are alternated with candles, polished rocks, or a smaller complementary bloom. Fruit is also a great way to accent your bases if the colors better fit your party theme!

Lastly: Trust your instincts. Floral arrangements are only as difficult as you make them. If you are looking for something extravagant because that better suits your party’s needs, then perhaps floral isn’t the area to do yourself. However, every woman has spent some time around flowers and knows intuitively what makes an attractive centerpiece.

Of course it goes without saying to practice before the event! If you are struggling for ideas, search pictures that have the same concept you are striving for and decompose the professional’s design. Every arrangement, from bridal bouquets to bedside tables, has a starting layer. Even if you are only ready to add one or two layers to the simplest constructions, your creation will be truly original and will certainly impress whoever attends your now-unique event.


  1. I really like the mirrors. They add a whole extra bouquet and candles and depth! I havent' seen many mirror centerpieces except on Are you affiliated with them or did you come up with it yourself?

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