Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Questions Answered!

Here's a great question about how to celebrate your destination wedding with guests who couldn't make it to your locale!


My son is planning a destination wedding in Italy with approximately 20 guests in attendance. We would like to have a post wedding celebration at our home for those friends/relatives who could not attend. What is the acceptable time period within which we should have it? Also, 2 separate invitations? By word of mouth we know of the 20, but should all those people we will invite to the post wedding celebration be invited to the Italy wedding also? That aspect is quite confusing to all of us.


Of course you are confused! The proclivity today of having destination weddings has thrown everything we know out on it's ear--though weddings are certainly more fun now than they were 30 years ago. Having a party at your home to celebrate the marriage is a wonderful idea, and having it within a few short weeks of the return from their honeymoon is appropriate. Only one invitation would be necessary. The 20 that attended in Italy should not be offended to read "Please join us to celebrate the marriage of..." It's just one more festivity in the wedding celebration. Yes, there is the undisputed rule that no one should be invited to a shower that isn't invited to the wedding. However, this is not a shower, it is a party, celebrating the wedding after-the-fact. I'm sure Aunt Mary quietly breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she was not invited to Italy, because she would have felt saddened to disappoint her nephew, and, my goodness, she has never traveled more than 300 miles from home. Although guests are sure to bring a gift, to keep it from seeming like a shower, don't list a registry. This is where "word-of-mouth" goes to work. Let your close friends & family spread the word. Be sure to have pictures of the wedding (even proofs, or non-professional snapshots) that the guests can enjoy looking at. A video of the wedding playing on a loop in another room would be nice, for people to see as they wander through.
I'm sure it will be wonderful!

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