Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photo Question Plus a Bonus!

What a wild week! For all of you trying to escape the wacky weather here in the South, here is a double feature that helped a groom ensure his bride-to-be's families were all but left out!

My fiances parents are divorced and are both remarried. My fiance does not want either parents partners to feel neglected like she did at their weddings, but we realize all these pictures can become quite time consuming. What is proper standard for such things when it comes to the picture taking. Thank you

Sounds like she is a very thoughtful person! You are right, photos are very time-consuming, especially for large and blended families. I can tell you what we did for my daughter's wedding. We have an extremely large family (not blended, just Italian!). Every family photo that did not included both the bride & groom together was taken prior to the ceremony. The photographer was allowed more than enough time, and still captured all of the important shots, especially poignant scenes such as Nana and Papa with their granddaughter, Mom with her son, etc. Then, after the ceremony, all that was necessary was the single group photos of the wedding party, then each side of the family. As long as your guests are able to have drinks and appetizers while waiting, there won't be any problem!

Thank you Brenda. I do appreciate the answer and large Italian families sounds like fun. What is the normal standard for step parents when it comes to picture taking? Do you take individual pictures with the father /step mother and mother/step father? What is the normal sequence I'm pretty clueless. You are right she is very thoughtful and loving and caring.. Its amazing that you've never met her and you say nice things about her. I'm a very fortunate man. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

The bride would generally call the shots on this one. She may want to have her family go first, then yours -- or if there may be a potential situation between the two sides of her family, split it up with your family taking photos in between. There really isn't any protocol there, though the photographer may have some insight. Yes, she would want to take photos with father/stepmother & mother/stepfather separately so each of them would have a photo to display in their home. If relations aren't strained between the two sides, then perhaps one big happy family photo would be in order -- throw your family in there also for a wonderful memento of the special people in your life all together for this joyous occasion. TIP: you may be navigating new waters, but this is the most special time of your life - helping your bride not get bogged down with the anxiety of a blended family will make her day even more special, and bring a special closeness to you both during the planning stages.

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