Thursday, September 10, 2009

May I Have This Wrap?

As intimidating as gift shopping can be, I find that gift-wrapping can be even more of a hassle. Though the gift is what will be remembered in the end, you’d be surprised at how much more excited you are for a professionally wrapped box or bag. Whether it’s the perfectly crisp ribbon or the shades of tissue paper no average person owns that make the gift stand out, we all know the sense of anticipation we feel when we find out that present is for us.

As friends of a bride-to-be, we must take care to pick out a gift that is more than item number 53 on her registry. However, this discussion is for another week. Today we will focus on choosing the perfect outside to match whatever it is you have selected for the inside.

If you are ordering a gift online or are shopping at a store that has gift-wrapping, these tips may still pertain to you. After all, you want your gift to stand out! So the question is: to box or not to box?

Choosing a box may be the right answer in terms of providing protection for your gift, but don’t forget to decorate the outside. This personalized gift-wrap works for all presents, and the receiver of the gift automatically knows whom their special gift is from!

Perhaps you have a smaller gift or something that does not require the support of a box. In this instance, you have the option of personalizing a gift bag. This bag can proudly show the names of the new couple. A small personal touch such as this will augment any present and will surely be appreciated.

No matter which method you choose, a unique approach will truly give your gift something extra as it rests prominently among the other gifts at the wedding!

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