Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Avoid InunDating Your Guests

Isn’t it humorous how as brides we are constantly reminding people of the date of our wedding? As if the save-the-date and formal invitation aren’t enough, we want our napkins and favors to have the date displayed as well! Even when our guests are at the reception and clearly know what day it is, we believe that the date means as much to them as it does to us. But except for when we reach certain milestones, we are the only ones that will celebrate our anniversary year in and year out.

In no way am I encouraging that brides stop any of these practices! After all, with as busy as our friends are these days, they need and appreciate the constant reminders so that they don’t double book your weekend. Plus, this will be one of the most exciting days of your life, so you’re only ensuring they are present to share it with you. And when guests use the wedding favors they’ve received, they are reminded of the day they spent watching you glow with happiness. If that brightens their life for even a moment, then publicizing the date was well worth the time.

Therefore, I invite you to plaster the date of your special occasion everywhere! Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, or another event, make sure your guests are aware of when they will be your guests. That being said, if you feel as if you are going slightly overboard on the e-vite reminders, it might be best to tone down your party favors or trimmings.

For example, these napkins can be personalized to reflect a thank-you message to your guests, a favorite quote, or simply the names of the couple. Similarly, you can design these lip balms for the women who attend your bridal shower with whatever you title your party!

With both of these items, guests will be reminded of the fabulous time they had at your event without ever feeling inundated.

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