Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bouquets: Back to the Basics

When a future bride hears the word bouquet, no doubt she imagines her favorite bloom cascading down in front of her beautiful dress.

But honestly Brides, unless your maid of honor has been lifting weights for the past six months, she likely won’t be comfortable holding your bouquet for the duration of the ceremony! Now, if a cascading bouquet is your dream, perhaps set a stand near the altar where your bouquet may rest next to your attendants. If this type of bouquet isn’t your style, not to worry, your bridesmaids are already thanking you!

Here are some of the great tips I’ve found for successful wedding bouquets:

1. Bridal bouquets should be larger and more complex than any bridesmaid bouquets. That being said, blooms should be somewhat complementary in terms of shape and arrangement.
2. Bridal bouquets generally try to complement the white tones of the dress whereas bridesmaid bouquets focus on incorporating their dress color or complementing the bouquet of the bride.
3. Bouquets should always try to use an odd number of blooms, as these are more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to these three tips, remind your bride to grab a second bouquet if she plans on throwing hers at her reception. Often brides forget this and end up losing the precious petals they had been planning to save in photo albums to show their own daughters.

While these are great tips for weddings, bouquets are needed at almost every event. If you are having a smaller event (even if you don’t think you have design creativity!) there is no need to spend the time and money on a florist! Check back soon to find easy steps to creating your own bouquet or floral centerpiece that will stun any audience.


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