Monday, August 24, 2009

Say Cheese!

For memorable events at your wedding that you might miss out on, it’s a great idea to put a Personalized Disposable Wedding Camera (engraved for free!) on each table. Your professional photographer can’t really cover two hundred people – and candids are much more fun in their own quirky way. Especially for your guests.

Rhinestone Cameras are much more fitting for the fabulous and flashy bride. You know who you are...

I really love how they’re made for formal events. They’re a much more appropriate alternative to the bumblebee yellow and black Kodak ones. Clash, much?

You know, after you develop these disposable cameras, you can insert some pictures of your guest in the thank-you letters after the wedding. If there are any of the individual, of course. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some incredibly funny, adorable or romantic pictures that your guests would love to have.

Actually, part of tradition in the Vietnamese culture I grew up in, is that before the reception the bride and groom stand at the entrance of the venue to greet every guest and every family. Each family/guest takes a picture with the bride and groom before going into the hall so that when the images develop, the married couple can send each guest a copy along with a thank you letter. It’s quite an acknowledgement.

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