Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DIY Décor

It seems like retailers in every industry are trying all sorts of promotions to move their inventory. Sales, discounts, package deals – whatever it takes. However, places that offer services, like companies that specialize in décor, may not be so hurried to lower their prices. These companies hope that brides, in their pursuit of wedding perfection, be willing to pay top dollar for their services. Sure these companies have impeccable reputations, but every budget is a little bit tighter these days. So why not take advantage of the sales and discounts and try doing the décor on your own?

Décor depends specifically on the wedding, but today we will focus on the reception.

Item #1: Seating

• If your reception locale doesn’t provide tables and chairs, it is easy enough to place that order – you can even delegate to a member of the bridal party if necessary. Plus, by picking out your own table shapes and chairs, you have more control over seating arrangements and room design.

Item #2: Napkins and tablecloths

• By the time you are planning your reception, you will have picked the color scheme for your wedding. Most brides choose between two and three colors, and feature them in everything from the bouquet to their bridesmaids’ dresses.
• A great way to continue the color scheme is by using one color as the base for the napkins and the other as the table sash/runner (or tablecloth) for the table.

Table Runners

Item #3: Centerpieces and Table Decoration

• Centerpieces don’t have to be an elaborate bouquet! A great option would be to fill the tables with pictures of the bride and groom throughout their lives (baby pictures are sure to be hits). This is a great conversation starter for guests who may not know each other well.

This is a simple guide to get your décor started! Some brides find they have so much going on that they believe it would be easier if they hired a décor manager. While in some extreme cases this could prove true, these three items would take little time and money. In fact, they can be great for bonding with bridesmaids or groomsmen!

Please feel free to post any comments or pictures if you tried this option! It would be great to see some of our own brides’ work!

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