Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fabulous Hair: Possible!

Bad-Hair Days, we’ve all had them. Sometimes I blame it on my conditioner, other times on the way I slept. That being said, coif disasters should under no circumstance coincide with your wedding day!

The secret to good, and even great, hair days lies in knowing your hair and what works for your specific length. To ensure that your wedding day is one of these days, let’s look at steps one and two of The Hair Essentials.

First, as the bride, it will be pretty simple to know the length of your hair on the expected date. You also know whether your hair classifies as straight, wavy, or curly. These are things stylists struggle with if unknown, so you are already ahead of the game! It is your bridal right to have your dream hair when you walk down the aisle, but remember that your style has to last you through the reception. If your hair is as straight as mine, no amount of hair spray will hold curls that long, I don't care how long I leave those rollers in! Never underestimate the power of working with your natural hair texture; "simple" isn't always a bad word in the world of hair styles.

Once you have your texture selected – it may take a trip or two to the hair salon to decide – it is time to pick a style. Will you wear your hair in an up do, a combination, or down? Don’t be afraid to try all three, especially if you’ll be incorporating a veil into your look. It is probably a good idea to start searching through bridal magazines and websites to find some styles that you would like to try.

Whatever look you choose will inspire the great-hair day you are sure to have. You might also consider bringing a handy cosmetic bag (nothing says "Bride-to-be" like terry cloth and a pink monogram) to carry home any bobby pins, clips, or rubber bands your stylist may ask you to keep until the day of the ceremony. Often, the stylist will recreate your look based on the number of clasps that you previously had.

Remember, it is okay to tell your stylist that you don’t like the part, you want your curls bigger, or the result doesn’t match your vision. This is your special occasion, not his or hers, so your style should reflect your desires. Check back next week as we investigate the best ways to incorporate your crown, veil, fresh flowers, or jewels. These perceived obstacles will no longer stand in your way as you find you can incorporate just about anything into your style and still have a great hair day!

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