Monday, August 24, 2009

Alternatives and Additions to Floral Arrangements

Although roses and lilies can add a nice touch to wedding, traditional arrangements made purely of flowers are not a necessity. Incorporate other elements of nature to create a simpler yet elegant affair, with more of the focus on you and your new hubby. Here are a few alternatives or additions to flowers (from The Knot - Texas).

Moss’ lush texture and cool shade of green makes it a strikingly graphic element. But if not used properly, your wedding could end up looking like a swamp. So skip the dramatics (don’t try moss chair cushions) and use the element minimally (like at the base of galvanized pails for your ceremony aisle markers).

Branches and Twigs
Whether adding sleek height to a centerpiece or twisting and curling around your escort card table, branches and twigs add drama to any space. Maybe it’s their enchanted forest feel? Or, perhaps it’s turning what’s natural into sculptural beauty. Regardless, when done right, the look is completely modern Mother Nature.

Thicker and heartier than its branch counterpart, wooden elements give a nice woodsy impact. Perhaps the best place to inject tree life is on the reception table: Pack square wooden containers with gorgeous blooms, and pow—an instant organic look that isn’t too overdone. The more naturally shaped the container, the more carefree your table will feel.

Water and Light
The most natural element you can play with is water. Just add a hint of candlelight, and the experience is pure romance.

The beauty of using vines is that they can wrap around anything to add a touch of green. While they can be somewhat wild, the look of thin, almost cord-like ribbon teamed with richly colored details is stunning.

Earthy Extras
Unexpected natural elements bring a whimsical flair to wedding d├ęcor. Whether it’s an eclectic idea for a bouquet or a favorite motif, make chic simplicity your focus.

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