Monday, August 10, 2009

Accessorize to Stay Ahead

When planning a wedding, most brides forget how long the entire event will take. Even if the wedding is in the early evening, there is still a reception that may last into the wee hours of the morning. Through all of this, a bride’s hair must look stunning. After all, your wedding party and guests, should you choose to go the disposable camera route, will be snapping photos of you that will last a lifetime!

Given this, how can a bride keep her hair in control, especially if she plans to wear a veil or other accessories during the ceremony, but can’t stand to wear it while dancing at her reception? The key to this lies in the accessories. I’ve mentioned them before – a crown, fresh flowers, or gems – and they can all accentuate whatever hairstyle you’ve chosen. But, will they transfer over to a style you will want at your post-wedding bash?

Every bride will keep her reception crowd waiting while she is taking pictures at the wedding locale, but if she also has to get her hair redone, some guests may get a tad impatient given the inconvenience. Therefore, it is best to simply give a couple more squirts of hairspray to your hair, readjust your accessories, and meet your friends and family in a timely manner. Trust me, your guests will be more concerned with when they can begin dancing, eating, and drinking, than if your hair is perfect! That being said, there is something you can do while riding to your reception: change accessories!

Sure the crown with veil attached may have been a beautiful antique worn for three generations in your family, but that doesn’t mean it will allow free-flowing dancing. Or perhaps your fresh flowers will have lost their spruce after a few hours. So how can you maintain that flawless style? You must continue to accessorize! Trade in the veil for a headband or fashioned barrette. Bring a second set of flowers that can be easily replaced so that you and your hair are refreshed. Gems shouldn’t be as big of an issue, but bringing a few spares just in case some were lost is always a good idea.

With these replacements, your hair is sure to look as good as it has throughout your great hair day! Even better, you will have the pictures to prove that a great hairstyle can last however long you need it to, as long as you choose the right accessories.


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