Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honeymoon Destinations!

Honeymoons weren’t always the glamorous vacation many brides have come to expect today. The term honeymoon actually originates from a time when couples would drink a honey-based beer for a month (“moon”) to bring their marriage good luck. Luckily for everyone, these trips have become a great way for couples to relax after a hectic period of planning and decision-making and finally get to enjoy a vacation with the one they love.

If you haven’t decided on your honeymoon location, I encourage you to consider the three S’s: Season and Style, Spending plan, and Spot.

First, in what season will you wed? Many vacations cannot be taken year round simply because the snow isn’t falling or it’s raining almost everyday. Honeymoons don’t have to be the beach vacation that TV specials often feature. These trips are for you and your spouse, so choose the style that fits you both – honeymoons can be to historical places, ski lodges, or even a family’s home country. However, location availability depends heavily on the time of year, so make sure the place you choose will be enjoyable during the season of your marriage!

Once you have chosen the type of honeymoon you will take based on the season, you must establish your spending plan. Since it is customary that the groom’s family will pay for the trip, it is best to talk to your fiancĂ© to determine what is financially feasible. Almost all trips can be funded if enough time is put into planning them. Hotels and airlines usually offer great deals if you watch them enough! This can be a great way to help out the groom’s family, and it will allow you to still have plenty of input on the trip!

After you have these two steps, the final action is to choose a spot! Recent hotspots have included Hawaii and St. Lucia for beach locations and Italy for a romantic historical trip. My family recently received a thank-you note for that wedding we were invited to after we sent a gift, and the bride said they would be spending their honeymoon in her husband’s home country. This can be a wonderful way to learn about his culture and appreciate his traditions. Whatever you choose, make sure it will be the trip of your dreams, as only a few couples ever take their second honeymoon!

A few things to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon:

1. You can go to multiple locations! If you have some room in your budget and you and your spouse can’t agree, compromise by spending some time in both locales.

2. Some locations have high and low tourist seasons – be sure to check on this if you are looking for a more private vacation!

3. Honeymoons don’t have to be right after your wedding! If your wedding date is August, but you and your husband are diehard skiers, you can postpone your honeymoon until November or December!

Through the 3-step, 3-S process, you and your spouse should be able to plan the perfect honeymoon for you both! If you are having a hard time finding a location that you both would enjoy, feel free to comment and our other brides will help you find a compromise that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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