Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here Comes the Mother of The Bride!

If you think you’re excited about your engagement, just wait until your mom finds out! Mothers of the bride are notorious for developing event-planning expertise as soon as their daughters are affianced, and don’t be surprised if they offer to plan a portion of your ceremony. Now, you may have a very creative mom who you trust to plan the perfect wedding and reception. However, if your mom is anything like mine (who has suggested on multiple occasions that I should elope if I ever want to get married), you probably want to give her some guidelines on how she can help.

Here at Gracious Bridal, we provide the perfect solution. First, brides can view our products on-line and suggest them to their mothers. In this situation, brides will have a chance to view and approve items, such as these monogrammed wedding cake cookies, which brides love and mothers approve.

If you and your mother are in two different places during your engagement, looking together online will allow you to both see the items and will help you two get on the same page planning wise. Best of all, if the two of you can’t come to an agreement on something, you can consult one of our experts through on-line chat for an unbiased third-party opinion.

Maybe it won’t be your mother who tries to help you make decisions, but rather an already-married friend or an aunt who has no daughters of her own. This can be a sensitive situation, as you may prefer to do things your own way or if you outright don’t agree with them. A simple solution to the overactive “helper” is placing them in charge of a specific task. For example, Aunt Mary can select three choices for wedding party gifts and you can choose the final product. This will allow family and friends to feel as if they are reducing your stress while also giving you the final say in all essential matters. Who knows, they may discover the perfect item you hadn’t seen the first time around!

For those of you who are the only one of your siblings with 2 X chromosomes, this is the one wedding your mother will have a chance to plan. Even if she thinks that red and green are the only colors you could ever want for your invitations, I guarantee there is an area of the planning you can designate to her. She will appreciate it more than you will ever know, and since she did have a wedding of her own, she likely has great advice and fun family stories! As the Italian actress, Sophia Loren, once said, “A mother always has to think twice, once for herself, and once for her child.”

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