Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving A New Meaning To The Term "Open Bar"

The wedding favor decision can get a bit torturous. How can you be thoughtful and frugal at the same time? You’ll be providing for hundreds of your friends. Every bride has thousands of dollars of wedding-goodness that she has to handle. To make the task of wedding favors easier, a trend has emerged: The candy buffet.

Candy Bar

The idea is pretty simple. Set up a table near the exit of your venue, so guests can grab some sweet goodies before they head home. You can find some inexpensive and unique Glass Vases and pedestal dishes. Mini Martini Glasses are perfect because of their size, and they just look too adorable to pass up.

Now, the trick to decorating is ribbon. Tie some of it everywhere: around your candy scoops, around the rim of the vases, and around the empty Gift Boxes you’ll be passing out to your guests. For more d├ęcor on your candy buffet/bar, don't be afraid to add some matching flower arrangements.

As for the goods – elegant treats. I’d go for some of the fancy candy that adults never share with the kids. Chocolate covered cherries, nuts, and assorted fillers will have your guests licking their lips. You can even have baked goods – cookies, cupcakes, and the like. My sister’s in-laws made Mexican wedding cookies, which are bite size and perfect to accompany your candy bar. Another variation on the candy bar is a popcorn bar. Flavored popcorn will have everyone excited.

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